Every creation gives relief to what the mother feels after the childbirth

It was 5.30 pm when we enter the sound recording studio to record audios which I promised to give free to the participants of my Tathastu seminar.

After refreshing and set up at 6 pm I started with introduction audio whenever I do the recording I create an outline of headline topics I wish to cover and I do entirely without referring to any script or notes I just close my eyes and start receiving messages which I record.

This time the experience was same.

After completing my intro audios in English Shree my associate in Pure Energy said I want audios in Hindi also as usual without a delay I recorded the Hindi version repeating all that I said in English for 30 minutes Now I spoke almost same only referring my mental notes 

As I started recording for 6 topics Belief, Time, Perspective, Feelings, Vibration and Consciousness The idea was to give the meditation process but when I started recording for the first topic the channeled message came to me and gave an introduction and then meditation began 

This time I adopted a strategy for recording English Hindi for the first topic and Hindi English for the second topic and for subsequent topics I adopted the same pattern which gave me more comfort and I did not have to switch between two languages back to back I continued recording in the same language two audios 

Last 10 years I have been working with a new form of energy which science discovered just 20 years before and my experiences working with these energies have always surprised me I just wonder how things happen thru me 

In Tathastu our team Shreevidhya, Ashish and other support members have decided that we will introduce a new energy experience and its application which people will find easy to use without getting too much in understanding theory 

Even though all the work that I do only coming from this new form of energy,which I have named as Pure Energy, in the backdrop but in Tathastu I will be talking about it directly keeping Pure Energy experiences in for front 

A lot is said and written about the topics which I am covering in Audios with a difference of giving easy ways to work with Pure Energy guidance embedded in these audio topics without getting into technical aspects 

When I was about to record the last audio on consciousness I wanted to give one more closing audio Shree is very conscious about budget even though I was recording back to back without wasting any time for 4 hours we have exceeded the budget for the audio recording as we are not going to sell these audios and it will be given only given to participant of Tathastu seminar attendees 

I requested energy to guide me and started recording the last one and covered the closing topic in the explanation part I could combine the closing along with the topic and one of the finest meditation is recorded along with it 

At 11 pm I finished recording 14 audios and it gave me the relief-like mothers feel after giving birth to a child.

I am conducting my most-valuable seminar, Tathastu. In this seminar I will be giving you a step-by-step process and guide to achieve the most ardent DESIRES that you have.

Do you want to know what is so different in Tathastu?

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