Imagine what you can do if you know how to use telepathy power

Imagine what you can do if you know how to use telepathy power 

When your cell phone rings and the number flash on your screen is of some one you just thought about and you pick up the call saying I was just thinking about you and you called what a telepathy! 

You must have notice this is just happening in your life not once but many times like 

you receive a call from the one you are thinking about 

You meet someone you had a strong feeling about the person 

You receive something an item or gift you strongly wanting 

And Many such things 

Firstly keys understand all such incidents are not falling in telepathy 

Telepathy is mind to mind communication without the use of words 

Do you feel the communication thru telepathy is accidental or it can be engineered? 

Well, I know your answer but before you share your answer one thing is sure we do not know the mechanism of sending or receiving telepathy but what if you know the technique of communicating with telepathy? 

Imagine what you can do using telepathy and I am sure you will be excited thinking about it! 

You can use telepathy powers in healing astrology vastu business meetings customers sales in improving the relationship and many more areas 

Basically, to start using telepathy you require the inner screen to be clear to receive or send signals and then you should know how to create signals and how to send signals consciously 

I can give you this know-how and technology in my rare workshop Divyashakti remember telepathy is one of the powers that will be activated out of 7 more 

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