What happens when you shift to Soul Operating system?

What happens when you shift to Soul Operating system? 

If I shift to soul operating system means there is another system I operate from then which one is my current system? 

You may ask this obvious question 

So let’s understand  if I ask you to feel yourself it is likely that you may identify a place in your body and here I feel myself now it could be the heart or any other place but you will not be able to feel yourself in full body because generally, we can’t feel our body fully without a conscious effort 

This means that you are operating from your body operating system 

You may ask that everyone operates from the body. Yes, you are right everyone does because they are unaware of the soul operating system and how life changes if you experience life from soul operating system 

In the body operating system, you experience the reality from 5 senses and body creates an output thru the motor function 

Whereas in the soul operating system you connect soul to soul hence your ability to process information multifold times and your 5 senses experiences are very different 

The best part is you can switch between two operating systems at will 

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