Why Thappad is not about divorce only

If anyone describes Thappad as Amruta the protagonist in the movie was slapped just once and she took a divorce. Than you need to see at the movie again and your own life.

The cinema is all about the depiction of the conflict and how the protagonist, resolves the conflict by the heroic act

We identify our emotions thru characters but cinema also provides us with the dynamics thru the response of the various other characters of the film

Though we look at the movies from our perspective and life situations that we go thru. We also go thru the emotional orchestration or witness perspective

Why I need to specify this point here that mostly we step in the cinema hall spent the time to watch the movie and feel it’s nothing about me

Tagging the movie as Thappad leads to divorce will not justify the brilliant efforts made by the writer and the director along with the entire team

We also discuss that protagonist or some other characters should and should not do without a shade of realization that we also do not look at the flexibility of response that was available to us in our like

So what it is really about?

If you are sensitive then one insight leads to a profound realization or you can just live in an illusion for aeons

When Amruta realised that one Thappad has shaken her something within and she just was looking for space how the system reacted which lead to divorce and here the divorce was with mutual consent with the complete realisation from the other partner As against Amruta the maid of her house was taking a beating from her husband every day

I can write 360 angels to the dynamics of human psychology and consciousness levels of various ways to look at the slice from life but I shall be focused on the way movie is tagged and why it’s exactly needed to look at it differently to give justice to the intention of the writer

Arjun Rajabali the veteran scriptwriter is the script consultant of the movie I had an opportunity to know him as he was leading scriptwriter workshop for 3 days I interacted with him a number of time in those 3 days I was amazed by his insights into human nature and spiritual and psychological knowledge every scene is very precisely woven in this movie reflects his expertise and Anubhav Sinha gave full justice to the script and direction small nuances was apt to the story including the lights music and the flow

Amruta exhibited value to its highest and consistently following her path without been affected by the surrounding and the reaction which ultimately changed the response of every character in the film

Finally what is so interesting about this film

1 We are used to threading in everyday life and its not about from man to women only

2 we are caught up in culture belief traditions we can look beyond and walk on the path of inner freedom by following the light within

Yes it’s about Thappad on our insensitivity

Yes its about divorcing from our suffocating net in which we are tied up and struggling to swim in the ocean of life

Can we be insensitive enough to look at each sean from the movie to the immense insight it offers to look at everything from new ways

Only for the people sensitive enough the Thapoad is not about a slap leading to divorce

If you have seen the movie invest some more time to relook at it

If you have not then its an opportunity to look at how to feel freedom and take divorce from your limitations

It is more about the man rather than women

It is more about the father and mother of the married couple

It is more about our judgements

It’s about truthfulness honesty and integrity

Thappad is about individual respect dignity and happiness to oneself and others in every relationship we are in

It is an opportunity to relook at everything we look at.

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