Unseen forces !!

Some workers away from home in the lockdown stage decided to reach home .
They created the strong intent and searched for the possibilities after the struggle of many days found a way
Close friend of these worker connected them to one truck driver who was going to different destination he guided them to another driver
Now everything was set the truck got an assignment to carry mango the day was fixed and few of the workers joined
They all were hiding behind the mangos
During the travel they were smelling the mangoes and imagining what they will do reaching home expecting their destination coming soon slept at night
They reached their destination but the destination was not home it was deaths due hospital
The truck meat with and accident and some of them died some were in hospital
This incident is reported on 10 th May and happened on midnight on 9 th May the truck was going to Kolkata from Hyderabad
Desire intention thought and action is controlled by unseen forces and we feel we are controlling our mind
To understand deal and flow with unseen forces and energies realise and align to higher forces and leading the life following higher energies can ease yours and others life
Yes you can be at different place then the place of accident and tap in to synchronicity of grow and expansion
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