From Shri Viral Manek, Mystic Guru

“Who Else Wants To Experience An Expedition Where Your Every Goal And Personal Desire Are No Longer Limited By The Laws Of Earth?”

This Knowledge Is Possibly 2000 Years Old. An Amazing System Of Mind, Body, Spirit Integration, And Healing.


Dear Friend,



If you are a person looking to ACHIEVE GOALS, HEAL MIND & BODY, ATTRACT LIFE-PARTNER, SERVE HUMANITY, and INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE & BUSINESS, than this will be the most message you will read…

How Would You Like To Live Your Life Of Your Dreams?

I bet that’s a question that’s probably been asked to you by both yourself and others at least a thousand times in your life. Well I am here to ask you a different question.

How would you like to be able to develop the capability to effectively leave your body and travel to another world where time, space, gravity and many other “laws” that exist on earth can no longer limit you?

Most people think this is only possible while dreaming. But I assure you, this is much different than having a mere dream.

Let me save you the trouble of trying to figure out exactly what I am talking about. It’s a 2000 year old experience of spiritual separation and voyage known as Divya Shakti in which the astral body or spirit separates itself from the physical body temporarily and operates on its own.

Now I know you may be thinking that what I am saying is a little “out of place” or perhaps fantasy-like and that’s usually the case when something truly amazing, mind-blowing or even inconceivable to imagine occurs in life.

But the only reason something seems inconceivable to humans is because we simply haven’t been exposed to it before.

Just As Airplanes Can Fly, So Can Your Spirit

If you would have shown a picture of an airplane to someone who lived during the 1800’s, they would probably spend hours looking at it wondering if it’s real and then they would tell you it’s impossible to get it to fly; a hundred years later, airplanes are part of everyday life.

I predict the same will be true of Divya Shakti. We just simply need to become more educated on how it works and we need a sound system to make it common knowledge.

That’s exactly what the Wright brothers did with the airplane. They studied the Newton theory and created a system built on that platform which enabled people to fly.

So make no mistake, just because Divya Shakti may seem a little far-fetched, it’s only because you haven’t been exposed to the extraordinary power it can equip you with.

Or perhaps on the other hand you have experienced this phenomenon and thirst to learn and do more with it.

In either case you have arrived at the right place.

Everyone Can Experience An Out Of Body Experience

The truth is all living beings possess an astral body. It is connected to the physical body through the umbilicus (your belly button) along what is known as the silver cord.

This is what we have come to know as an out of body experience and it has been happening to people from all over the world for centuries.

Typically the spiritual body leaves the physical body during death. But as we all know there is no coming back from death in the physical form so when people do, it is called a “near death experience”.

Essentially, it’s as if the process of death was stopped and the spirit returned to the physical body. This is a form of astral projection. But you need not come close to death to experience it.

In other words, you can have Divya Shakti experience whenever you want. And your experiences aren’t a result of an external situation or circumstance, which you have no control over like a surgical operation or even drugs.

Instead, you are choosing to achieve that state willingly; and that’s what we call Divya Shakti in it’s truest form.

Discover How To Experience The Full Spectrum of the Wonders And Pleasures That Divya Shakti Will Give You

You may have read some of the stories, seen it in movies, or even experienced it yourself. But very few people truly know and use Divya Shakti to its full potential. But when you use it through meditation, the results, are in one word, powerful.
  • Explore other cities, countries, and centuries in an instant. But why stop there? Explore other planets and worlds unknown to mankind
  • Divya Shakti will give you insight into your true being leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy
  • Develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
  • Experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling
  • Take what you learn while apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire
But this is just a mere fraction of what Divya Shakti can do for you. It’s a beautiful adventure and an exquisite skill that will transform how you see and live your life.

But Just What Will Divya Shakti Do For You?

The question should be, “What Divya Shakti won’t let you do?” Picture yourself flying into space, experiencing sex on the astral plane, and walking through walls. Most people can’t even imagine these things, let alone do them.

But once you discover the right techniques that I have worked so hard to perfect, you will be able to do all that and more. And better yet, you will be able to use Divya Shakti to affect your real world.

There are 3 main areas of your life where Divya Shakti will affect you. And once you learn the correct Divya Shakti processes, you will be able to:

1. Live A Life Of Adventure – Travel Anywhere, Anytime And Sense Everything

Like Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, you will be able to explore ancient worlds, planes and even the distant future.
  • Defy the laws of time as you travel to any point in the past and future. See the pyramids of Giza being built or discover what new technologies exist in the year 3000
  • Defy the laws of gravity. Experience free falling, zipping straight up Mount Everest, swimming through space, or anything else you desire
  • Fly through the air faster and higher than Superman himself
  • Instantly appear anywhere your heart desires, making travel the easiest and most enjoyable experience. No more long lines at the airport and saving up for vacations
  • Walk through walls, explore ancient buildings, and go against the laws of physics
  • Visit galaxies experience whole new worlds with exquisite animals, magnificent natural structures, and bizarre plants and flowers
  • Have astral sex and discover new and intense pleasures few in this world will ever experience

2. Affect Your Current Waking Reality In Order To Live The Life You Want

  • Create a higher level of self awareness so that you may come closer to your life purpose and your true being
  • Visit friends and family that have passed on and enjoy your time with them again knowing that they are well and happy
  • Overcome fears of death, flying, and any other phobias you may have
  • Use the powers of creative visualization taught used in astral projection to make achieving your easier and faster
  • Evolve your natural skills of ESP to protect yourself and loved ones
  • Consult the Akashic Records in the astral planes to predict the future

3. Spiritual Enlightenment And Transcendence

As Divya Shaktian, you will have seen, felt, and experienced things most other humans will never get to and in doing so your consciousness will be raised, your negative energy will be at a minimum, and you will become aware of something greater than yourself.

These experiences will allow you to spiritually transcend different worlds awakening your mind’s true potential and thereby allowing you to see the grand scheme of life, collective consciousness, and the Universe.

Your heart will fill with light and love, a calm will overtake you, and you will exude a sense of peace and confidence that others can sense and will be drawn to.

So Are You Finally Ready To Let Divya Shakti Transform Your Life?

Many people have written books on the subject; some for entertainment or education purposes and some with the intent to teach one how to have an out of body experience.

But none in my opinion, even remotely compare to what you have before you.

And the reason I can make such a bold statement is because the world has never seen a system designed to effectively equip anyone with transcendent ability through the power of meditation influence.

And the reason the world has never seen it, is because the world’s foremost expert hadn’t created it… until now.

I have waited this long because I wanted to make sure my techniques were foolproof and after decades of research and experience, I am finally ready to introduce you to a program designed specifically for you.

So the only question that remains now is, “Are you ready?”

Your Complete DIVYA SHAKTI
3-Day Enlightening & Immersive Workshop

Consisting of 12 Empowering Sessions designed to take you step step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious out of body experience by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true Divya Shakti experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included…

Divya Shakti Session 1


  • The Ideal Setting – You will learn how to create a special space for practicing astral projection so that the process is always streamlined perfectly
  • Unblock the energy body and also learn how to decouple energetically from other consciousnesses
  • Discover the secret to the most important part of the process which is disassociating the connection between the mind and body while remaining connected.

Divya Shakti Session 2


  • This empowering session is designed to provide you with a higher level of understanding and skills (both inside and out), thus improving your capability and enhancing everyday life
  • Progressively activating your higher dormant strands of DNA while re-establishing your original divine potential for full 12 Strand DNA Activation
  • Not only will you be able to embody more of your Higher Self, experience higher states of consciousness, you will also be a frequency holder to assist in humanity’s ascension to a higher harmonic universe

Divya Shakti Session 3


  • Mental imprints, thoughts, judgments, decisions, actions, choices, karmic lessons, fears, vows, some deeply imbedded subconscious beliefs, large obstructions, blockages will be removed completely
  • Become wiser, gentler, and compassionate in nature. Understanding and intelligence increase as distortions and untruths are seen for what they are
  • Karma Clearance will transform your challenges and your life. The divine awareness take over and you will not have any karmic blockages in the future

Divya Shakti Session 4


  • Beyond Kundalini Power – Here you will gain a clear understanding of how to use this new found power source
  • Achieve the state of out of body experience while tapping into this infinite energy source. Release the Kundalini within and achieve the state of pure bliss
  • While in the alpha-state, you can use this technique to flood your body with pure energy allowing yourself to rejuvenate and refresh

Divya Shakti Session 5


  • The Truth About Naval Chakra And How It Will Change Your Life – Here you will learn exactly how critical the Chakras are
  • Discover the impact of the Naval Chakras on your mind and all that it controls and why if this step is missed, your journey will never begin
  • Get powerful techniques that will enable you to master Chakras and align your Chakras too

Divya Shakti Session 6


  • Purposefully attention to what is happening in your environment, there are no ordinary moments. What do you notice, what spikes your attention and how do you feel about it?
  • Charges you with universal life-force energy while clearing the channels of any blockages. This alignment and clearing process stabilises and improves yours ability to channel and affect the energy that is present in the all of the universe
  • Awareness will continually grow stronger as you enjoy a profound, intimate, loving connection with the universe. An ecstatic union that further empowers the divine self

Divya Shakti Session 7


  • Create a “physical utopia” where each and every cell is happy, fulfilled, and living a life of true purpose
  • Powerful meditation to connect to your “master cells” and repair whatever cells are not functioning and keeping them firing on all cylinders
  • The paradigm has shifted – you are no longer victims of mom and dad’s genes, you are no longer just biological machines. Your health is in your control

Divya Shakti Session 8


Reticular Activating System

  • Method to create mental movie of how you picture that goal/situation ideally turning out in the future. Notice the sounds, conversations, visuals, and details of that mental movie. Replay it often in your head
  • Learn how you can tune out a crowd full of talking people, yet immediately snap to attention when someone says your name or something that at least sounds like it
  • Learn the process of making RAS to work in your favour every time without you actively doing anything

Divya Shakti Session 9


  • Learn that your Soul has a Purpose and how you can live by it NOW. It helps you get out of your body and connect soul to soul
  • Learn how you can travel to different dimensions not know to human beings
  • You soul enables a unique means of knowledge and evolution, not only for yourself but also for the unique aspect of the divine being with which has never-ending relationship

Divya Shakti Session 10


  • Here you will learn breathing methods used in Divya Shakti and its modus operandi which will help you to both relax and properly prepare to receive power
  • By learning the principles of breathing and maintaining control of your relaxation, you will be able to consistently receive power whenever you desire
  • Essential to this process is the ability to relax, spiritually cleanse, and protect yourself. You will learn exactly how to do just that and more in this module

Divya Shakti Session 11


  • The Mastery Of Thought Erasing – Learn how to clear your mind so that you stay relaxed throughout an out of body experience
  • Here you will learn how to recognise negative subconscious thoughts and rid yourself of barriers that could prevent you from knowing the unknown
  • You will learn to confront fears so that you can confidently move forward in experiencing astral projection and welcome the unknown as opposed to fearing it

Divya Shakti Session 12


  • Here you will be taken through specific exercises to keep you grounded while your body is not and help you to cope with reality fluctuations
  • Here you will be exposed to the typical sensations of parallel realities so that they do not seem foreign or intimidating to you
  • Discover the role of your faith and beliefs and the impact they will have on your parallel realities and make them true in your waking life

My Commitment To Helping You Discover
Your Most Exciting Natural Ability

Divya Shakti isn’t readily taught as yoga or gym and if you were to find an instructor or a book on this, you are not guaranteed to become a Divya Shaktian once you have finished with their program or book.

The truth is, it’s as hard to find a good instructor as it is to find a needle in a haystack. And even if you did, it can be highly costly. Some of the top instructors will charge you ₹350,000.00 for a workshop.

And even though the benefits of Divya Shakti are easily 10 or 20 times more than that, it’s still not affordable for many people.

I don’t believe that this should be the norm. As someone who has benefited greatly from Divya Shakti and seen the effects first hand, I believe that Divya Shakti should be a skill that everyone who is willing to can develop.

That’s why I made the Divya Shakti workshop. So that the most effective techniques and the best teaching methods are given to you without the exorbitant fees.

A Lifetime Of Adventure And Enlightenment

Imagine flying, being on top of Mount Everest or Himalayan mountains. Running with elephants in the African Savannah. Exploring faraway planets while swimming through the Cosmos.

Imagine meeting other enlightened and conscious minds in the astral realms. Discover new entities and beings.

Become reconnected to the Universe and to one another. Achieve spiritual transcendence.

It’s all yours if you choose to act today and make sure that your natural skill of Divya Shakti does not go to waste. Don’t put it off because this is a skill that will turn your life around. Let today be the start of your great journey.

Listen To Some Of The Students Who Experienced Divya Shakti Process

“Shri Viral Manek’s
DIVYA SHAKTI – 3 Day Enlightening & Immersive
Workshop — ₹1,50,000 ₹42,000 ₹37,000

Begin Your Adventure Into The Astral Realm Today. Now that you understand exactly what you have before you, I need to make sure that you are ready to become a Divya Shaktian.
  • Do you have a strong desire to experience what is beyond your current physical environment?
  • Would you like to go on adventures and travel to distant countries and astral realms?
  • Does the thought of defying the laws of physics, such as flying or time traveling excite you?
  • Do you long to feel more connected to the collective consciousness and the Universe?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then, you are READY to begin your most exciting journey.

You know Divya Shakti real and that it’s within your grasp. And now you also know exactly how to get it. There is nothing more powerful than Divya Shakti and I have shown you how it will change your life.

I am exhilarated to see you embark on this wondrous and life transforming adventure and once you have conducted your first Divya Shakti Process, you will realise that this is nothing short of a thrill ride.

Your greatest journey awaits you.

“Shri Viral Manek’s
DIVYA SHAKTI – 3 Day Enlightening & Immersive
Workshop — ₹1,50,000 ₹42,000 ₹37,000

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