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What Do you do when you face challenges

Dear Friend

What you do when you face challenges which life throws at you on issues relating to money, relationship, health or career! Deep down in your heart you want to find solutions but you land up creating more problems.

What can you do to create fewer challenges and why do we land up creating more problems?

It’s simple, the mind that created problems cannot create solutions and mind that is habitual of creating problems will not create ease.

Mind will resist all changes like advice, guidance, and direction.

It’s difficult to defy mind with habitual problem creating type of mind.

You need fresh energy to create change.

You need Pure Energy to create new path and possibilities.

And you need Pure Energy on daily basis because of new challenges to deal on daily basis.

Like you need fire daily to cook the same way Let’s Heal© will heal your issues.

Measure of Success

Let’s Heal Will Achieve Extraordinary Success In These 10 Dimensions

Let’s Heal is based on the premise that what we have been trained to think about healing is antiquated healing models that no longer serve us. Let’s Heal© measures success these 10 dimensions.

This IS The ONLY Way To Send Your Requests And Create Impact Your 10 Key Areas Of Life

This process was designed 3,00,000 healing requests processed this process very comfortable to create the life they want.

You can send your healing 


and you will receive healing for 10 minutes. Solutions will find you!

Get Direct Healing from

Shri Viral Manek

One of India’s Most Gifted Mystic Guru

He is a rockstar entrepreneur and 29 ventures turned Mystic Guru which has trained over 100,000 people and counting.

But what makes Shri Viral Manek incredible is that he is created a living masterpiece of a life that involves radically different (and incredible) ways of experiencing life. From healing to money to love to happiness, Shri Viral Manek decided to discard and burn all the traditional rules of society and set his own laws.

Over the years, people asked Shri Viral Manek how he has been able to craft such an extraordinary life. You see, most millionaire entrepreneurs and other leaders have no idea what exactly had made them successful. But Shri Viral Manek is consciously competent. Hence he can pinpoint exactly what made the difference and has developed his methodology into a successful healing system that he calls Let’s Heal©, which has healed thousands of people from all over India.

Shri Viral Manek is the creator of Mystic Powers© a 3-day workshop.


What Student Say

Just listen to them

Pure Energy has made my life blissful and contented. It completely shifts your energy level to all together. Definitely with this whatever you wish for will be manifested. How is I feel not just the magic but yes gives you all the strength, and your mindset change which makes your wish to get manifested. Have no words to say thank you to make my life abundant and prosperous.
Tejal Bhatt
I did the Wealth Abundance Vortex © Workshop with Pure Energy – it was a great, positive, enriching experience and I felt money was flowing from all directions! Not only did I stop the worrying about money, but I started being more mindful about it too. Shree and Viralji were always available to solve our problems. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone! Divine thanks 🙏
Gayatri Sitaraman
Inner Chef, Gurgaon
Sreemam and Manek Sir thank you Let’s Heal of Pure Energy has really worked wonders for me My knee pain and swelling of my ankles is cured …a fact that my doctors couldn’t tackle My upper left arm pain which was caused by the wrong move in open gym is getting better My stress levels are decreased There’s a feeling of unconditional happiness and positivity in the air I look younger( as pointed out by my friends) and healthier and can do Yoga and Zumba without feeling pain Thank you Divine Healing.
Roopkatha Raghavan
Retired (Banker) Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Superb initiative Viralji and Shreevidya. I am an amazing experience in the workshop and did see instant results for money magic and abundance. Thank you.

Nothing Is More Valuable Than The Gift Of Having It All

Most of you are successful in a few areas of life.

Maybe you figured out how to build a successful career and made a lot of money, which is an accomplishment, but it’s one that often comes at the expense of other areas of life.

Maybe you neglected our marriage along the way – and ruined it. Or ignored our physical health and damaged our bodies. Or you weren’t there for your children when they really needed us because you simply didn’t have the time.

Some of you are great parents. Some of you live your lives through your children, neglecting your own emotional and spiritual and intellectual needs.

Maybe you have got your spiritual life and your intellectual life handled, but you have never really figured out career and finances, so you are living in a state of perpetual lack and financial stress.

But this one-dimensional success is worthless if you suffer in any of your other life categories. But the truth is… you want it all.

Excellence, success, and fulfillment in every category of life.

And not only do you want it all – you want the bandwidth to enjoy it all.

This is the REAL WIN – that is SO RARE.

So, now you know the value Let’s Heal© will add to your life.

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