Parallel Realities


Because you live in a world that is based on a preconceived belief of linear action which you were taught to believe that you are on just one solid timeline your whole lives. Event A is followed by Event B and so on; however this is not so. You are constantly jumping from one timeline to the next many times throughout the day. Parallel Realities is one such audio program that takes you through this timeline subliminally and manifest anything that you desire.


How to SHIFT to the Parallel Reality of Unlimited
Abundance, MASSIVE Success, and Freedom

Quantum physics has embraced the idea that there are many parallel realities in the universe. There is a reality where you are super happy, successful and your life is perfect; there is a reality where your life is sad, you are sick, homeless and everything is bad; and there are multiple realities in between with multiple possibilities of how your life could be.

According to this, you are constantly jumping from one reality to another by putting yourself in the vibration corresponding to that reality. You don’t feel like you are changing realities because your life is like frames from a movie, every frame is taken in the present moment and then you move to a different frame also in the present moment, for you it’s like part of the same movie but actually, you are changing.

So, when I ask you what would you do with your life if you could have all the money you want, free time and health; I am giving you the opportunity to put yourself in a state of someone who has all those things. When you go deeper and imagine every detail you are making yourself to really feel like you already have it.

Your emotions will align with that so that you can jump to that reality and start manifesting what you want. Of course, this is impossible to do if you don’t know what you want because then you don’t know to which parallel reality you want to jump.

Not to worry, in this audio program I will be discussing how parallel realities can help you to manifest your desires effortlessly, by navigating to that reality in which your desires are perfectly fulfilled, you will discover:

  • Discover Opening of Heart
  • How To Get Truth of Reality
  • Choosing From Your Desires
  • Changing Your Own Story
  • Solve Anything That You Wish To
  • Be The Best Version of You
  • And Much Much More


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