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Relationship Abundance VORTEX©

A 7-Day Online Workshop For Removing ANY Relationship Blockages

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Relationship Abundance Vortex© 7-day online workshop is a feeling expedition and at the end of the workshop you will get all the gears and tools to create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationships with ANYONE.

So if you are person, who is:

  • Beginning a relationship and would like to create a strong foundation
  • In an existing relationship and want avoid some of the frustrations which you may have experienced in past
  • Want to turn a good relationship into a great relationship!
  • In a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts
  • Near break-up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved

How Effective Is The Workshop?

We are going to give step-by-step rituals, spells, mantras, and audio meditations that will help you be a better partner and transform your relationships… no matter what kind it is!

Thousands of participants have done these esoteric exercises and most of them have seen results with the first exercise itself. Now the reason most of these participants were able to get results from the first exercise is because they were in-tune spiritually, mentally, and physically with the exercise they were performing.

Caution: If you are challenging this process or the exercise it will defeat the purpose. You will have to completely surrender yourself to these processes and exercises.

Here Are Some Of The Compelling Benefits Of
Relationship Abundance Vortex© Workshop

But Wait There Is More…
Without The Ritual Kit The Workshop Will Be Incomplete

That’s 100% true without the Ritual Kit you will not be successful in this workshop. However we have kept the KIT optional for you. In this Ritual Kit you will get:

15 Love Candles

2 Oils

3 Love Crystals

2 Figure Candles

3 Love Herbs

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Conducted By

Shri Viral Manek

Mystic Guru, Author, Healer, Psychotherapist, Philosopher, Visionary, Businessman
Shri Viral Manek is a founder of Pure Energy Academy and Institute of NLP India and now on the seminar road teaching mystical and spiritual solutions across India and has transformed more than 100,000 lives. People who have worked with him closely call him Mystical Guru for a reason.

SShreevidhya Iyer

Soul Doctor, Money Expert, Healer, Vastu Expert, Gem Expert, Psychic, Spiritual Coach & Consultant

SShreevidhya Iyer is been known as “Soul Doctor” amongst the people whom she has touched. A co-founder of Pure Energy Academy and Institute of NLP India performing healing to remove pressure of negative thoughts and increase the pranic energy.