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Date: 24th July 2020   |   Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Hyderabad, India (Location details to be updated.)

Do you Love Money?

Love is the single most powerful emotion human beings feel, and emotion has a lot to do with the results you get in life.

If you don’t love money you probably won’t get the results that you are expecting from life.

Here are SIX most compelling reasons why you should love money:

# 1:
You should love money because it is the only object capable of loving you back. “I love money and money loves me”
# 2:
You should love money because it allows you to amplify and multiply your positive impact on the world.
# 3:
You should love money because it buys you the freedom and time to love everything and everyone else in your life.
# 4:
You should love money because hating or even occasionally disliking money leads to poverty and unhappy frustration.
# 5:
You should love money because people will be attracted to you and what you are offering when you radiate that love energy.
# 6:
You should love money because it is the way the world lets you know you are on the right path.
Super wealthy people don’t hate money or think it’s an evil force–they enjoy the fruits of Samruddhi.

What is Samruddhi?

Samruddhi means

In this half a day SAMRUDDHI workshop you are going to get specific spells, yantras, and mantras that you can use to get Samruddh in walks of your life.

These mantras and spells are designed to help you tap into this natural flow and manifest abundance, so your life is filled with ease, contentment, luxury, and ever-increasing riches.

Here are just few of the outcomes you will achieve in this Workshop


Do you have the sense you are holding yourself back from receiving the abundant blessings the universe so dearly desires to bestow upon you?

Specifically designed prosperity spells, yantras, and mantras will help you clear blocks to wealth, such as negative beliefs, limiting family paradigms, paralysing fears, past-life patterns, and internalised cultural messages.


We all have a preprogrammed set point for how much wealth we are prepared to receive, based on past-life experiences, family patterns, cultural programming, habit, and personal beliefs.

That’s why so many lottery winners quickly find themselves at pretty much precisely at the same level of financial abundance they were experiencing before they won the lottery.

But you can work magic to raise this point and you can do so throughout our lifetime!

While you might expand your capacity for wealth at intervals (like digging a hole deeper and deeper to allow more and more water to flow through it over time), there is ultimately no limit to how much you can allow yourself to accept and receive.

Specifically designed wealth spells, yantras, and mantras will help you expand your capacity to receive wealth, and thereby increase your ability to manifest abundance.


Financial abundance is relative.

For example, most of you in the world are currently enjoying far more luxuries than the most who often don’t have running water, no protection from climate, few books, lots of fleas, and truly terrible health care options.

But on the other hand of the spectrum of financial abundance is vast. In other words, you pretty much always have room to transform yourself into an even a Samruddh person than you already are.

Get SAMRUDDHI KIT worth ₹ 2700.00 FREE, which includes:

Kuber Yantra

Kuber Key

Energised ₹upee Note

Money Crystal

SAMRUDDHI KIT will be given to you at the workshop venue.

How much does Samruddhi Half-A-Day Workshop costs?

Well, originally this workshop was made for ₹5,800.00 per person plus the kit of ₹2700.00 which totals ₹8,500.00 but I decided to give this workshop at very nominal cost because I don’t want these spells, yantras, and mantras of Samruddhi to be only with few.

I want these specially craft spells, yantras, and mantras of Samruddhi to be with everyone hence I have kept the amount of ₹2808 and you get the KIT FREE.

So don’t dink around click on the button below to book your seat now.

About SShreevidhya Iyer

SShreevidhya Iyer is been known as “Money Alchemist” amongst the people whom she has touched. A co-founder of Pure Energy Academy performing healing to remove pressure of negative thoughts and increase the pranic energy.

Shreevidhya for over eight years is a focused energy healer, energy vastu healer, crystal gazer, body whisperer, spiritual consultant, and a superb clairvoyant. 

Shreevidhya successfully cures tantra-mantra effects, ghosts, evil spirits and evil eyes including eliminating pain, nervousness, fears, and discomfort caused due to chronic disease and balances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy

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