Attention: If you are stagnant, having blockages, and are unable to move forward..


with me, SShreevidhya Iyer

I will sense your pain, aura, blockages, and give you accurate answers to your most hurting questions with effective remedies!


A psychic reading on a psychic level is a communication from soul to soul, heart to heart, from you to me and me to you. A Psychic reading is about you.

I will connect with your energy and will provide insight about your past, tell you about your current life situation and talk about your potential.

I will blend with your soul and tell you about the essence of your soul, which in return can help you to understand who you really are. This is no fortune telling it is merely an assessment of your spirit and soul. When blended with your energy I will see, feel, and know things.

I will sense your pain, aura, blockages that you are getting in family, work, career, relationships, health, potential, education and so on and will give you accurate answers with effective remedies.

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From SShreevidhya Iyer (Gold), Ask me any of your PAINFUL QUESTIONS and in 60 minutes I will give you 100% result-oriented, practical, no-nonsense, and implementable advice. I will use all my psychic gifts to get the greatest clarity in my advice and I will make sure it is both caring and healing with accurate insight into your life’s situation, wherever you are. This advice will bring profound clarity and direction that guides you to move forward in a positive transformational and self empowered way. This positive and self empowered direction would be in your Love & Relationships, Career & Business, Life Direction, Soul Life Purpose, Past Lives, Chakra Reading, Pet Readings, etc.

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SShreevidhya Iyer

Mystic Divya Shakti Master,
Business and Personal, Development Consultant,Psychic Reader , Numerologist AstroVastu Expert,
Creator of Wealth Abundance Vortex WAV.

What My Happy Clients Say?

"I mentioned my father, who is a stroke survivor. She asked me more about him, then gave me a small tip, a whisker of a ritual, and said that he has been hoarding a lot inside him that needs to be released! Her words made so much sense that I had to try her remedies!"

Rachit Kabra

“... gives hope, lifts you up when your chips are down, believes in your true potential when even you don't, in whose company you feel loved, cared and assured that 'All is well'! Her presence alone helps find solutions and lift spirits up!”


“I got a reading done for my son. ShreeVidhya Ma'am is simply amazing! Everything she told me about him was absolutely true! Like as if she knew him inside out!”


Sometimes we just need somebody to cast a light on the qualities we have and show us how to overcome obstacles.

Some of us have forgotten how the own soul feels like or rather how to be one with it again. I will guide you back to your true self. It is time for all of us to shine.

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