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Date: 24th July 2020   Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Hyderabad, India (Location to be updated soon.)

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What Is Tathastu?

In ancient times sages and rishis performed deep meditation to particular god for years & even decades for their specific desires to come true. Ultimately when God presents himself being pleased by their devotion – he grants a boon by saying “tathastu”.

Tathastu means –
ऐसा ही हो or SO BE IT

These sages and rishis performed deep meditations for years & years even decades and compelled God to grant them what they desire. But you don’t have to perform deep meditations or even spend years or decades to get your desires fulfilled.

Because Shri Viral Manek exposes those same processes that were never been readily available and these processes defeats all international standards. Now that doesn’t mean Shri Viral Manek is demi God or baba or something or he can call God on earth. No!

But here is what he does. He works with Energies that are far beyond our imagination. These Energies are all around us but we are not able to see them or tap into their power. Shri Viral Manek after years of study on these energies has found a way to tap into them and summon them for your betterment.

Here Is How Your Desires Will Come True

Picture this, if one of your friend’s is going for an interview and you tell him ‘wow, you are looking radiant and amazing, it’s guaranteed you are getting this job’ and it actually happens. You are calling tath (so) and asthu (be it) to attention. Asthu will bring the attention of an interviewer to your friend’s skills and he will get the job. In surprise you ask him, how did you know’.
But the opposite to this is also true, in this 3 hour seminar Shri Viral Manek will help you tap in to those energies that are responsible for making your most ardent desires come true, you will:
  • Fundamentals Of Living Your Life Guided By Your Desire (a force bigger than you).
  • Powerful Exercise To Create A Vision For Yourself And An Opportunity To Create A Honest List Of What You Really Want
  • New Technique To Use The Truth Of Your Desire As A Mechanism To Communicate Your Feelings In A Way People Can Hear Them
  • How To Build Your Muscle Of ‘Self-Worth’, Discovering That You Are Worthy Of The Opportunities And Relationships That You Want

About Shri Viral Manek

Mystic Guru, Author, Expert Healer, Creator of Mystic

Special Message from Shri Viral Manek – Believe me Tathastu is reality. After having suffered failure a number of times even though being successful was child play in my endeavours. I have realised that my failure was because of not tapping into my energies that kept success away from me. I was emitting wrong energies and I was getting what I was emitting. After tapping into these energies my life changed a lot. May Tathastu change your life too…

Shri Viral Manek

Rockstar entrepreneur, founder of 29 ventures turned Mystic Guru and founder of Pure Energy Academy® which has trained over 100,000 people and counting. But what makes Shri Viral Manek incredible – he created a living masterpiece of life that involves radically different (and incredible) ways of experiencing life. From Healing to Money to Love to Happiness, Shri Viral Manek decided to discard and burn all the traditional rules of society and set his own laws.

Over the years, people asked Shri Viral Manek how he has been able to craft such an extraordinary life. You see, most millionaire entrepreneurs and other leaders have no idea what exactly had made them successful. But Shri Viral Manek is consciously competent. Hence he can pinpoint exactly what made the difference and has developed his methodology into a successful system.

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