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The Most Important Discovery To Make Money Fall In Love With You!

Clear Blocked Money


Align Yourself

To Money

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Clear Blocked Money


Align Yourself

To Money

Get Wealth



The Consultant You Want On Your Side

“Because SShreevidhya Iyer Noticed Something That Nobody Else Did… The Most Important Discovery To Make Money Fall In Love With You!”


What Makes The
7-Day Workshop So Unmissable?

“Caution: Before we go further we want to make few things very very clear,this workshop is NOT about Multi-Level-Marketing, Stock  Market Tips, Chit Fund, or Any Other Get Rich Quick Schemes”.

Do you wonder how some people seem to virtually stumble onto wealth and lucrative opportunities while you work hard and still are just over broke no matter how hard you try?

Are you beginning to think that perhaps this life of Wealth & Abundance that so many people seem to effortlessly attract is just not for you?

Perhaps you have even thought that Wealth & Abundance are only for a select group of people and – for whatever reason – the Universe, the Divine or Infinite Intelligence just doesn’t want you in that group?

If you have answered yes to anyone of these questions (or can relate to these thoughts) then this might be the most important letter you ever read about Wealth & Abundance.

Over 6718 participants and counting have become super-successful using never– disclosed–before and secretly kept:




Frequency Numbers


They Have Taken Part In Wealth Abundance Vortex

One of the most common reasons they joined Wealth Abundance Vortex workshop is that they wanted to attract more money. It was not that they are not working hard, not putting their sweat and blood in achieving their goals be it business or job.

They were doing everything possible in their power to make money but somewhere there were blockages, which the conventional way of hardwork was not working.

If you are sailing in the same boat than…

WHY CHOOSE Wealth Abundance Vortex

3 Reasons to Register For The Workshop


Result Oriented

Wealth Abundance Vortex® online workshop enjoys a 89% success rate.
Almost all the participants who have been through this workshop has made money
after following and performing the processes outlined. It’s the only program in India that
can literally give the power of money at will.



Wealth Abundance Vortex® is the original 7 days online workshop designed and developed by SShreevidhya Iyer. This workshop comes with a RITUAL KIT which is essential for performing money getting processes. Not only that, Shreevidhya Ra personally energises each and every money getting ingredients in the KIT. 


Money Relationship

You are no longer worried about bills and loans, you are not held back by the “I don’t have enough” mentality, and you are never afraid to spoil yourself and your loved ones with good food, nice things, and exotic holidays.

This is what you will get once you register for

Wealth Abandance Vortex

Exact Spells
And Mantras

You Will Get Exact Spells And Mantras To Activated The Wealth And Abundance In Your Life And It Will Change Every Single Moment From That Day

Rituals To Grab
Raen Chances

Get Rituals To Grab Raen Chances That Are You Are Missing Maybe On Regular Basis. 99% Of People Are Remaining Broke Due To This

Exact Mantra
And Frequency Number

You Will Get The Exact Mantra And Frequency Number To Help You Attract A New Job That Will Put Cash In Your Pocket Right Away

Get The
Secret Spell

You Will Get The Secret Spell On How You Can Defeat Any Negative Karmas That Holds You Back From Fuelling Your Success

Get Exact Step-By-Step
Process Of Spells

Opportunities Are All Round You And You Will Get Exact Step-By-Step Process Of Spells On How To Quickly Capitalise On Them

A Simple
But Powerful

A Simple But Powerful Ritual And Mantra To Achieve Set Goals So They Actually Come To Fruition Instead Of Falling By The Wayside

But Wait,

There Is More... Get WAV© Result Oriented “KIT”

In this 5 days workshop you WILL need result oriented “KIT”. This “KIT” is energised and designed by SShreevidhya Iyer specifically for YOU.

Think about this, you are all excited and ready to do your spells, rituals, and mantras but you don’t have the components so you go to the market to buy them. Looking at the things you are all confused in your head what to do.

For that very reason Shreevidhya has assembled this result oriented “KIT” for you. Best part, now you don’t have to go through the stress of assembling one because she has done all the hardwork for you and has even energised the “KIT” for you.

All you have to do ask and will be delivered to you. Here is what will be included in the result oriented “KIT”:

10 Energised Green Candles

10 Energised Orange Candles

10 Energised Black Candles

10 Energised Ra Candles

3 Money Attraction Oils

Total Investment For

Wealth Abundance Vortex

WAV© Workshop

₹ 1180

Ritual KIT (Optional)

₹ 1771

Total WAV© Workshop Investment

₹ 2951

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Our Expert


Is Committed To Your Success

SShreevidhya Iyer is been known as “Soul Doctor” amongst the people whom she has touched. A co-founder of Pure Energy Academy and Institute of NLP India performing healing to remove pressure of negative thoughts and increase the pranic energy.

Shreevidhya for over eight years is a focused energy healer, energy vastu healer, crystal gazer, body whisperer, spiritual consultant, and a superb clairvoyant. Shreevidhya successfully cures tantra-mantra effects, ghosts, evil spirits and evil eyes including eliminating pain, nervousness, fears, and discomfort caused due to chronic disease and balances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy


Successful Case Results


I would be approinted as co-oridnator in Spellbee. But I was waiting for a file with related information. Suddenly I recevied the file in the evening yesterday. New roads are opening, new opporunities are coming. Thank you so much Shreevidhya ma'am for your guidance.


Happy to share that just three days in the workshop I got these amazing results -- 1) My long overdue business met started. We have started the discussion and reached a level where we can close the business deal. 2) Not only that I got 2 new business opportunity for a project order. I have shown those clients my past projects and they liked them. 3) Got an extension of additional project order of ₹6,80,000.00 out of nowhere. I am very optimistic that things will happen. The processes, rituals, and spells outlined by Shreevidhyaji in WAV workshop really works and are instant result oriented.

Rayasam Harish

Thank you so mcuh Shreevidhya in helping me create an atmosphere within and around myself conducive for my prosperity and growth. I can see the energies change and the shift is evident. Small things have started happening, right from receiving stuck money to receiveing stuck documents. Thank you for all your support

Smrithi Mukerjee
Inner Chef, Gurgaon

I want to share that today I had 4 new pateints walked in my clicnic, which is not very common for me, that happened after chanting. That’s not it, I also got ₹37,000.00 in my bank account from my brother-in-law.

Dr. Zinal
Doctor, Mumbai

I am grateful and thankful to be the part of this wonderful worklshop, WAV. Where I learnt to appreciate, learnt to be happy with so many wornderful people whom I don’t know. Thank you Shreevidhya for sharing all magical tips to increase our wealth and get rid of all negative thoughts or fear. Its not only just five days its more than just five days. I shall be chanting each day, spraying oils and shifting things in my home for bringing in abundance to me. Thank you!


Thank you for your guidance and support through these five days. I learnt to alter my relationship and build strong bond with money. I have become self-aware and don’t question the universe and its plans for me. That for me, is the biggest magic. Rest everything will now just flow to me. I have become a magnet of peace, prosperity, and abundance. Thank you Shreevidhya from bottom of my heart.

NLP Trainer

Endless gratitude for this simple yet super positive and super potent processes for money and abundance. Your unflinching efforts for ensuring each one gets the desired results are truly appreciated. Your focused approach and positive mindset brings only magic and miracles. Everyone made money or received abundance with joy and sense of wellbeing. Thus workshop was truly spectacular. The magic and miracles of making money, riches, and unlimited wealth.

Farida Patel

wealth Abundance Vortex

The Most Important Discovery To Make Money Fall In Love With You!

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